At some point, we bump up against an edge in our lives. Perhaps we get promoted or demoted, married or divorced, and find ourselves unmoored, unable to find our footing. Maybe we find the same familiar issues coming back to haunt us in our new job or relationship. Or we get caught in the stress of work and lose our balance and composure. Maybe we reach the peak of our professional success, only to discover we are still not satisfied.

In these moments, we often lose perspective. It can feel as though we are looking at the sky through a straw. We can see the sky, but only a tiny circle of it. We know there is a wider horizon out there somewhere, but we don't know how to find it.

We help you gain access to strengths, learn to build satisfying relationships, and develop the capacity to make clear decisions, speak powerfully, and take appropriate action.

Coaching helps open unseen possibilities. In the context of a supportive coaching relationship, the sky widens, the world expands, and so do we.


A Zen Approach to Coaching by Pamela Weiss


"Coaching helped me find healthier ways to respond to challenging environments at home and work. It had a profound positive impact on all my relationships. Instead of deploying tricks or tactics that do not generate sustained change, it was truly about becoming more effective. As a result, I feel I have the tools to continuously improve."

– Tami Graham,
Global Benefits Manager, Intel