Great leadership is not an accident. The best leaders consistently exhibit skills and qualities that can be intentionally developed.

Great leaders:

  • clearly envision possibilities outside the norm, and have the courage to act on them.
  • know what is important and have the tenacity to support key ideas through to the end.
  • are self-aware enough to know when they are off-course, and humble enough to self-correct, and
  • bring kindness and compassion to the myriad challenges they face, and the many people whose lives they touch.

Whether you are a corporate executive, the director of a non-profit, the president of a Board, or a sole proprietor, our leadership programs can help you develop the capacities needed to move your organization forward.

The Personal Excellence Program

Video - PEP 2008

Since 2007, Appropriate Response has worked with over 650 employees at every level within the IT department at Genentech in South San Francisco through the Personal Excellence Program (PEP.) PEP offers a comprehensive structure of personalized development over one year, including facilitated groups, individual coaching, communities of support and feedback, and the cultivation of peer coaching skills.


Prism AwardView a 30 minute interview with Pamela Weiss, Founder of Appropriate Response and Todd Pierce SVP and CIO Genentech-Roche talking about PEP at the Wisdom 2.0 conference.

View a five minute video of Pamela Weiss welcoming a new PEP class.

Click here to read a White Paper on the principles and practices of PEP.

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International Coach Federation (ICF) Prism Award 2010

Genentech Awarded 2010 ICF International Prism Award

The prestigious International Prism Award recognizes organizations that have enhanced excellence and business achievement through their commitment to coaching as a leadership strategy. More information.

Article on PEP from the International Coaching Federation.

Participant Program Study

Results from 2010 PEP participant surveys found that compared to before the PEP program:

First Year PEP Participants

  • 100% reported increased understanding of their critical development areas
  • 100% reported increased confidence in having the necessary tools and knowledge to develop
  • 99% reported being more engaged and productive at work
  • 87% reported increased meaning and satisfaction at work
  • 100% rated PEP as better than other training programs

PEP Graduate Program Participants

  • 97% reported increased ability to self-observe and self-correct
  • 91% reported improved listening and peer coaching skills
  • 80% reported feeling more responsible and accountable for their own development
  • 80% reported being better able to deal with change and ambiguity
  • 100% rated PEP as better than other training programs

Business Impact Study

A 2009 independent evaluation of PEP by experts who have studied the impact of hundreds of leadership programs reported that:

  • PEP led to significant business impact, more than doubling the typical impact assessed in other leadership programs (77% vs. 30%.)
  • PEP ranked in the top 5% of all leadership programs evaluated.
  • PEP produced an estimated $2 dollars for every dollar spent to deliver PEP.

Best Place to Work Achievement

In 2009, the IT department at Genentech was awarded the #2 Best Place to Work by ComputerWorld magazine. The PEP program was singled out as the primary reason for this accomplishment.