The following essays were written in conjunction with classes on the Bodhisattva Precepts (ethical guidelines):

Bodhisattva Training
Explores Bodhisattva practice and the Precepts.

Not Killing/Cherishing Life
Explores how we can live in ways that cherish and protect our shared human life.

Not Stealing/Being Generous
Considers the possibility of appreciating and receiving all of life—the parts we like as well as the parts we don't like—as a gift already given.

Not Misusing Sex/True Intimacy
Through exploring the life of the Buddha, this essay describes views on sex and sexuality in each of the major schools of Buddhism, and considers the possibility of true intimacy.

Not Lying/Speaking the Truth
Describes the many reasons we lie, and points to the power of honest, courageous speech.

Not Intoxicating/Clarity of Body and Mind
Proposes that intoxication results from failing to recognize that we are the brightness we seek.