Pamela’s leadership coaching has enabled me to more easefully navigate a fast-paced, constantly evolving environment. My problem-solving skills have become more refined, and my communication is more effective and impactful.
— KP (Katherine) Peck, Product Manager, Clif Bar




Winning People's Hearts  
IEDP Leadership Journal, 2012

Growing People 
Winner of the MIX Beyond Bureaucracy Challenge, 2012

Well-Being in the Workplace 
O Magazine, 2012

Developing Mindful Leaders   
Harvard Business Review Blog, 2011

Boost Employee Satisfacton, 2011


Women Hold Up Half the Sky   
An interview with Della Duncan on KALX radio, 2015

Clarity, Courage and Curiosity
An interview on The Amiel Show, 2015


"An Appropriate Response" 
Sunday 7/9/17 Dharma Talk with Worldwide Insight

Bodhisattva Leadership and Zen
An interview with Ellen Leanse, 2017

Mindfulness and Well-Being at Work
A talk at the UC Berkeley Mindfulness Conference, 2016

What is the Dharma?
A talk at San Francisco Zen Center, 2016

An Attitude of Gratitude
A presentation at Genentech, 2016

Introduction to the Personal Excellence Program
A 5-minute video at Genentech, 2015

Wisdom in the Workplace
A 30-minute panel at Wisdom 2.0, 2014.

A story about healing and transformation at the DO Lectures, 2011

In an old Zen story

A student comes to visit his
dying teacher. The student asks:
"What is the teaching of your entire lifetime?" The teacher replies:

"An Appropriate Response."