My works sits at the intersection of coaching, leadership and dharma teaching. I work with individuals and groups to support authenticity, creativity and freedom—freedom from suffering and freedom for the full expression of love and truth. 



We need each other. This is not an insult or failing. It is the truth of what the Buddha realized as pattica samupaddha, our fundamental interconnectedness.

Each of us brings a distinct perspective and unique set of gifts to the world. It’s as if we are all walking through life looking at the sky through a straw. Is that the sky we see? Sure it is. But it’s only a small circle of it. And when we hold too tightly to our straw-circle, we become prisoners of our narrow, dogmatic, divisive point of view. 

Coaching helps reveal the limits of our perception and understanding, and opens us to unseen possibilities. Within the container of a wise, tender coaching relationship, the sky widens, the world expands, and so do we.

Don’t see Pamela for coaching unless you want to dig a lot deeper and be much more thoughtful about your leadership and where you are going. Don’t see her if you don’t want to be called out on your bullshit. Definitely don’t see if her if you’re not ready for your work and your life to be brought into congruence. She’s not for you either if you’re not ready to embrace the next chapter of your success, wherever that may take you.
— Kate O’Keefe, Managing Director of Cisco Hyperinnovation Living Labs

Talks & Teachings

I offer keynotes, workshops, classes and retreats in a variety of venues. All of my teachings draw on thirty years of Buddhist practice to meet and respond to the vital issues of our time: the reduction of individual stress and burnout, systemic racism, misogyny and oppression; and the cultivation of integrity, innovation, connection and compassion.

Clients Include: Genentech,, Pixar, Diabetes Hands, UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center (MARC), UC Berkeley Center for Executive Education, Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, Greenberg Brand Strategy, Bay Area Community Resources.

Venues Include: Wisdom 2.0, The DO Lectures, The DENT Conference, The Management Innovation eXchange (MIX), Emerging Women Live, The Gay Buddhist Fellowship, San Francisco InsightSan Francisco Zen Center, Brooklyn Zen Center, Spirit Rock Meditation Center, Insight Retreat Center, The 1440 Foundation, The College Preparatory School, Yoga Tree.

DO Lectures, 2011: Presence 

Presentation at Genentech, 2015: An Attitude of Gratitude.

Talk at San Francisco Zen Center, 2016: What is the Dharma?

Brooklyn Zen Center, December 2017: To Hear the True Dharma

Talk at San Francisco Zen Center 2018: All Things are Like This

Pam listens and guides through an embodied truth. A truth grounded within felt-senses of awareness and understanding, nourished by decades of spacious practice. Through Pam I am witnessed, heard, felt and compassionately challenged.
— Jozen Tamori Gibson, Director, Awake Youth Project


One way to navigate life is by trying to control external circumstances—what we do, who we do it with, and how events unfold. This strategy promises continuous effort and endless frustration.

Mindfulness is a training of the attention that teaches us to meet whatever arises—pleasant and unpleasant experience alike—with composure, courage and compassion. Rather than perpetually striving to get things lined up just right, and reacting badly when things go wrong, we can learn to respond with thoughtful, effective action.

Please join me, I am part of the teaching team at SF Insight where I teach once a month on Sunday nights. 
Click here for Guided Meditations. 

I have known Pamela for more than two decades and can say without a doubt that she is one of the wisest women I know. She embodies the highest integrity and ethics, and is a master teacher who brings extraordinary creativity and compassion to personal and global transformation.
— Diana Winston, Director of Mindfulness Education at UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center

In an old Zen story

A student comes to visit his
dying teacher. The student asks:
"What is the teaching of your entire
lifetime?" The teacher replies:

"An Appropriate Response."

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